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How to Make $13,000 a Month Online: Webpreneurship Success Story

online business income statementWhile most of us are struggling even to make $100 online, one budding webpreneur is building a powerful online business empire – good enough to send him over $13,000 a month.

No, he is not a pro blogger; he is not an ecommerce store owner, either. He is someone who is just like you and me, making money online by establishing niche websites and monetize them well.

His name is Spencer Haws; his game is niche websites.

Of course, like many of us, he is exploring many facets of online entrepreneurship. However, his main playground is niche websites.

Starting from 2005, he made almost nothing until the end of 2009, when he started to discover a formula. In 2010 he establishes 200 niche websites. He quit his full-time job on March 2011 and and live from online income since then, working from home.

Here’s what he does: He establish niche websites – plenty of them, more than 200 niche sites, actually – that laser-target specific niches that are lucrative, low competition, and low search volume, and attack them with unique content targeting the main keywords and the long tail keywords related to them.

From his $13,000 a month, about all of the amount is coming from Google AdSense – that’s about $13,000/month of AdSense income!

Just in case you didn’t know, making money via AdSense is not easy – you need to be in the right niches to make considerable amount of money from AdSense.

To illustrate, one of my business blog is making $50-60/month with 20 visitors/day or 600 visitors/month (updated with 1-3 blog posts a month.) My other blog is making $30-40/month with 300 visitors/day or 9,000 visitors/month (updated with 20-25 posts a month.) So, you see – it’s not that simple, and yes – your choice of niche is far more important than the traffic itself.

So, for those of you slamming Google AdSense for scamming us, think first before you make such assumption, because there are real people who are making 5-digit income off AdSense.

You can reach Spencer from his business blog, Niche Pursuits – a great community with lots of very useful and practical blog posts.

You can get great advices and tips from Spencer’s blog that are actually can make you a nice amount of money if you closely follow his suggestions.

So, check out Niche Pursuits and do let me know what you think…

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