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How to Increase Your Google AdSense Income Easily and Ethically

increase adsense incomeOnline entrepreneurs – are you making money online mainly from Google AdSense? If so, then this blog post is a must read!

When you have been around making money online from your websites using Google AdSense, you know that it’s notoriously difficult to get a decent income from it.

I hope you are not part of a group of people who accuse Google AdSense for scamming them so their AdSense income is minimal. Because if you were one of them, you are missing out great income potential from AdSense.

I am not an expert in Google AdSense website monetization, but I do discover that following some common tips you found on the web can yield you better income with AdSense.

If you ask me the results of following the common tips, I’d say I’ve increased my Google AdSense income 100 percent compared to last year, with only a decent traffic growth from my sites.

There are loads of tips on website monetization via AdSense, but here are the AdSense tips I follow:

1. Use channels – please…

For some reasons, many people I know overlook the best tool to help you increase your AdSense income – channels.

When setting up your AdSense ad, be sure to include a channel to go with it. It functions as a tracking tool to learn whether the ad performs well in term of click-through-rate and income.

Your AdSense income report will be grouped by channels, so you can easily track which ad locations and settings perform better and how to improve the others.

If you don’t know what’s going on with your AdSense ads, then how to know what works?

2. Always try to put your AdSense ads above the fold

Some people like to hide their AdSense – for some reasons… such as trying hard not to upset your visitors, etc. Well, the truth is, visitors are more permissive than you think when you place your ads responsibly.

Since you are allowed to add several AdSense ads, you can also add them on other locations strategically.

3. Place your AdSense codes in-content

Consider to add your AdSense codes within the content of your website – they can be in the beginning, middle or end of your content.

I normally add AdSense codes after a couple of paragraphs – the click through rate is pretty good, and the same technique works on my sites of different niches… and it is highly responsible for my 100 percent increase in income.

4. Tweak, tweak and tweak your AdSense ads’ locations and settings

Google officially recommends that you should set your ads to display both text and image ads in order to increase competition among advertisers. You should try to display the right ad types – text only, image only, or both

In my case, that advice is generally working well, but you should approach it case-by-case, as not all websites are created equal.

Regarding AdSense ads color, again, you should try to change the locations around to discover the best color scheme for your ads – should they be contrasting color? Should they blend in, instead? This is why I mention in #1 above that channels are important in your endeavor to increase your AdSense income.

So – your next step: Start tweaking and creating channels!

Reading this blog post and do nothing won’t increase your AdSense income. Believe me, it’s way much more difficult to increase traffic in order to increase your AdSense income than trying to optimize your AdSense ad locations for better conversion (increased click-through rate.)

If you have more tips, please don’t hesitate to share yours by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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