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How to Increase Ad Revenue from Your Web Assets

300x250 banner adBlog and website monetization is always near the top, if not the topmost, on webpreneurs’ list of priorities. With an emphasize on blogs, which are notoriously difficult to make a decent money out of it if you don’t offer any products with them, this article can show you how to increase your sites’ earnings from on-site display ads.

Check out this press release by ComScore about US Online Display Ad Impressions.

Here are some notes from the press release:

“We’ve witnessed a strong resurgence in the display ad market over the past several months, with the number of impressions up 15 percent vs. year ago and average CPMs also continuing to rise,” – Jeff Hackett, comScore Senior Vice President.

And here’s Mr. Hackett’s remark on what kind of ads drive the trends:

“One of the several drivers of strength in this market has been the innovation occurring with respect to ad units, as larger and more engaging creative ad formats are employed.”

Standard GIF/JPEG banner ads still get the most ad impressions – 59.6% (dominated by JPEG – 42.4%, followed by GIF/Animated GIF and PNG at 14.1% and 3.1%, respectively.)

Here’s something that might interest you – there’s a resurgence in Flash and Rich Media ads, which get 40.3% of ad impressions. Flash and Rich Media ads are those that offer interactivity, such as playable videos, click-to-expands, floating ads on clicks, etc.

As of ad sizes, here’s a reason why you should leave out skyscraper ads (e.g. the 160×600 banner ads): they only account for 10.6% from total ad impressions. Banners are getting the most impressions at 23.1% (driven by the leaderboards, sized at 728×90 – 18.3%,) rectangles at 22.7% (dominated by 300×250 ads, 18.6%) and non-standards (various non-IAB banner sizes) at 22.1%.

A recap: How to increase your sites’ ad revenue

Firstly, you might want to prioritize the 300×250 rectangle ad and 728×90 leaderboard ad on your site. I particularly fave the 300×250 over the 728×90 as it’s easier to work around the layout and content of my sites. 728×90 ads feel a bit intrusive, unless your sites are news sites.

This report, of course, only applicable for display ads (image/video ads,) so you need to consider your options.

Please note that if you are into CPC earning model (click-based earning,) such as Google AdSense, you must consider that text ads are generally perform better than the image/video counterparts. However, if you might want to incorporate CPM earning model (impression-based earning) and CPA earning model (action-based earning – e.g. affiliate programs) into your web assets, you should take the report into serious consideration.

Here are the official stats from ComScore:

display advertising impressions report

Please let me know what you think of this display ad impressions report.

Ivan Widjaya
Rectangle ads rock!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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