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How to Get Free and Unique Quality Articles for Your Blogs

typing quality articlesIf you are an online entrepreneur building your web business with blogs, this article might very well answer your long-time question: How to get free and unique quality articles and blog posts for your blogs.

We all know that blog posts are the backbones of blogs – without regularly updating your blogs with fresh content on regular basis, you can’t expect your blogs to grow in traffic and revenue.

That is why blogs are notoriously difficult to monetize – you need continuous stream of quality content to help your blog gain traction in the blogosphere and rank well in search engines to get you targeted traffic – and eventually profits.

What kind of content that rocks?

And by content, I mean unique, link-baiting content… Private label rights (PLR) articles could offer much value to your readers, but not SEO-wise: They have been published somewhere else in the web… How about rewritten and spun articles? Ditto – they don’t offer much value as original content…

And with the recent series of Google Panda update, it’s more difficult for us to build our blogs with so-so articles, even dupe articles – like those found in automatically-updating autoblogs.

So – no more investing in autoblogs?

And yes, to me, autoblogs are dead (again, “thanks” to Google Panda update)- unless you use grey hat or black hat techniques to make your post unique to search engines’ eyes.

All of those being said, I have one “secret” to get free and unique quality articles: Guest blogging and guest posting.

Guest blogging and posting refer to activities done by a blogger to write a blog post to be published on someone else’s blog. It’s also an activity done by a blog owner to publish guest posts into his/her blog.

The blog post usually includes a link or two pointing to the blogger’s site. This is a win-win blogging strategy: Guest bloggers get exposure, blogs publishing guest posts get quality content especially written for them free of charge.

How to attract guest posts?

I have some tips for you on how to get free and unique quality articles via guest blogging.

1. Offer guest blogging opportunities on your blog

You need to let your blog visitors know that you accept guest posts – just a simple notice or a “submit a guest post” form can attract guest bloggers to submit their blog posts.

2. Try is a popular community of guest bloggers and blog owners who receive guest blog posts. You can join and participate for free, either as a blogger or a blog owner.

There is a forum in which you can promote your guest posting activities as well as requesting for guest posts to be published in your blogs.

As a webpreneur, guest posting is a great way to keep streams of fresh, quality content to coming your way – your blogs will benefit from the blog posts, especially if the blog posts are of high quality.

Beware of one caveat

There is one caveat you need to be aware of: Beware of guest posts that are not unique.

There are guest bloggers who like to submit one blog post to many blogs to get backlinks. Duplicate blog posts can damage your blogs’ ranking and reputation in the search engines. If this is the case, your blogs would be better off without the dupe guest blog posts.

Good luck in getting free quality content for your blog business!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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