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How to Create an Overlay Amazon aStore on Your Website

e-store building tipsIf you are planning to add another income stream to your blog and web sites, you might want to consider doing this: Set up Amazon aStore that will load as an overlay on your website when you click on an assigned button or text link. This article will show you the simple how-to.

First thing first – why would you want to add Amazon aStore to your websites?

The answer is simple: is big brand name, and to customers, it shouts “secure” and “reliable” – the two things you can only provide if you sign up with online privacy protection service (e.g. VeriSign and McAfee Secure,) and/or getting a certification by trusted organization (e.g. Better Business Bureau (BBB) and

Although the referral fees are low – starting from 4% for each product sold, you can expect conversion rate to be better than if you sell products yourself – not mentioning headaches in handling requests, shipping and returns, even if you do dropshipping.

You could sign up with third party shopping page/cart service, such as Vendr, for an easy setup pop-up store (read my article about Vendr,) but it’s probably not as flexible as what I’m about to show you. Read on.

Why overlay?

When I mention overlay, I refer to a page (or a video, image, etc.) loading “on top” of your current page, without opening another browser tab – this allow us to unobtrusively display the overlay content on your sites’ current page.

This will allow us to achieve 2 things:

  1. Keeping your site visitors on the same page, thus increasing retention and conversion.
  2. Seamlessly integrate third-party web services into your sites.

If you are wondering what the overlay e-store looks like, click here for My Web Estate e-store.

Steps to install a pop-up Amazon aStore on your blog or website

Well, the above is an understatement. In fact, anything can be displayed as an overlay on your site. My step-by-step is for a WordPress-powered blog/web site, so in order to get this to work, your site must run on self-hosted WordPress.

Here’s the simple step-by-step:

STEP 1. Sign up with Associates Program.

STEP 2. Once you have been signed up, go to aStore and set your store by following the simple and concise instructions – you’ll get this kind of URL:

STEP 3. In your WordPress Admin Menu, go to Plugins > Add New. Look for “Shadowbox JS” and install the plugin. To show a pop-up store for this article purpose, you don’t need to change anything on the plugin Settings. Alternatively, you can install the plugin manually from Shadowbox JS website.

STEP 4. In your WordPress Admin Menu, go to Appearance > Widgets. Just paste something like this as a “Text Widget”:

<a href=”″ rel=”shadowbox”>Online Store</a>

Alternatively, if you understand basic PHP/HTML, edit your WordPress theme’s PHP files you want for your Store link to show. Of course, you can change the “Online Store” text with anything, including a button image.

STEP 5. That’s it!

Now when you or your site visitors click on the link you created on Step 4, you will immediately see an overlay on your current page.

Again, as an example, check out My Web Estate’s Amazon aStore – Click here (click on “e-Store” on Nav Bar above)

I mentioned above that Shadowbox JS can overlay almost anything – videos, images, your blog posts, your site pages, etc. The possibilities are endless: You can have your newsletter or contact signup form page to be displayed as an overlay; you can create an image gallery; how about having your affiliate links to open as an overlay on your site for better conversion? The possibilities are endless, indeed.

It’s not too hyperbolic saying that Shadowbox JS as one of the most important WordPress plugins in helping you monetize your blog and web sites.

Ivan Widjaya
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