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How to Build News Aggregator Site like PopURLs using WordPress for Free

news aggregator siteHave you ever visited and Both are great news aggregator site. Ready to create PopURLs clone or AllTop clone and profit from advertising? Read on.

News aggregator site is basically a site offering the latest update from selected sites in the form of lists.

For readers, news aggregator site is useful to help them tap into the latest buzz without the need to visit to each site. The list of headlines allows readers to skim through content quickly, letting them to read articles or news pieces they really want.

Technically speaking, news aggregator site displays those updates using RSS feeds of the selected sites. Now, how to achieve that using WordPress – for free?

How to build a Popurls clone site for free using WordPress

There is one popular choice of Popurls clone using WordPress: OneNews WP Theme will cost you $65 for a single license and $149 for multiple licenses. Pretty expensive, but you don’t need to customize heavily on the WP theme as it’s essentially a full Popurls clone.

But here’s my favorite WP theme that at least clone Popurls function.

Check out Aggregator free WP theme by Templatic.

Aggregator WP theme allows you to aggregate RSS in your blog’s front page. The layout is rather different to Popurl, but hey – the most important thing is the functions, right?

What kind of RSS? Anything! Site RSS, YouTube RSS, Flickr RSS, etc. So you can aggregate articles, videos, and images. Neat.

One example of a site using Templatic’s Aggreagator WP theme is Cloud Business News.

OneNews is $65. Aggregator WP Theme is free. You do the math.

Click here to download Aggregator WP theme for free

What do you think of Aggregator? Can it help you to build a news aggregator site? Share your views by commenting on this article.

Or, do you need my help in building a news aggregator site using Aggregator WP Theme? Please let me know!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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