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How to Build a Quality Blog Network Powered by Guest Posts

guest bloggingIf you are eager to build a successful blogging empire like B5Media, I have some tips for you. Read on!

B5Media has blogs that attracted 3 million unique visitors per month. B5Media blogs’ content is supplied by paid bloggers who are responsible in writing blog posts and engaging the readers.

So, yes – you CAN built a network like B5Media, BUT you need $$$ – plenty of them – to hire great bloggers who know what they are doing and talking about.

Alternatively, if you are a bootstrapper like me – or simply have limited budget in building your blog empire – I have some tips for you to follow B5Media’s footpath by incorporating guest posts.

1. Forget paid review or paid posting; hire guest authors – many of them

Guest writing is booming right now as it’s promoting a win-win solution for both blog owners and guest bloggers.

Guest bloggers can have their blog posts – with links to their own sites, the company sites they work for, or their clients’ sites – published on quality blogs. Blog owners can build brands – and generate revenue from advertising – by having fresh content and insight delivered by guest authors.

Instead of paying for someone to write for you, why not attracting guest bloggers to write for you? You can join a popular guest blogging community, like MyBlogGuest, and start pitching guest authors to have their blog posts published on your blogs.

2. Build quality blogs

By quality blogs, I refer to blogs that host unique, quality guest blog posts – and are well promoted.

So, yes – autoblogs (blogs with automated posting using a software,) blogs with stolen content, blogs with rewritten content, poorly-designed front-end, and blogs with good Google PageRank but poor traffic are not classified as quality blogs.

3. Build slowly

I’ve made this mistake and learned the hard way: You need to build your network of blog slowly.

What I did was build dozens of blogs – all at the same time – and try to develop them by myself. A foolish strategy.

Here’s what you should do: Build a blog, grow it, promote it, and find ways to minimize management efforts. Then rinse and repeat. Then when your blogs are becoming popular, you no longer need to pitch for guest bloggers, as they are the ones who pitch to you – especially if your blogs are on Google News (like my!)

4. Ask guest bloggers to promote their guest posts

Blogs are in the blogosphere; the blogosphere are closely related to the socialsphere; you need the social media to expand the reach of your blogs and bring targeted traffic in.

You should kindly ask your guest bloggers to promote their own guest posts on your blogs. Guest bloggers who are aware of the impact of social media understand that doing so can help them showcase their writing skills, links inside the guest posts, etc.

Of course, when guest bloggers do so, your blogs will also reap the reward, receiving highly relevant traffic. So, again – it’s a win-win situation, really.

So, there you go… 4 tips on how to build a blog network incorporating guest posts. If you have more tips, please share yours by commenting on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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