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How to Bootstrap your WordPress-powered Online Business Website

boostrappingI am a fan of WordPress because of the community, the WordPress plugins availability and the expandability of WordPress beyond blogging platform. The great thing of WordPress is the fact that it is open source. Open source means plenty of resources available for free by WP users, for WP users – which mean more profitability for us who use our WordPress-powered websites as money making machines.

From my short 3 years journey in webpreneurship, I have several tips to help you to minimize the resources – in term of time, money, and energy – consumed in building and growing your online business websites. Without further adieu, here they are:

1. Sign up with the Best WordPress Hosting at the lowest price tag you can get

When I was a total newbie in WordPress installation I once signed up with GoDaddy’s web hosting, and I must say setting a WordPress blog on GoDaddy hosting is a real pain, in my opinion. It’s not GoDaddy’s mistake, though – the blame is on me; I should check the requirements of the web servers before I decide which to signup with. WordPress-savvy web hosting will always mean that the web servers’ setup is WordPress-friendly.

2. Sign up with the Best Web Hosting that offers you 1-click WordPress installation

Related to Tip #1 above, here is another tip on web hosting choices. Now understand this: Not all web hosting provider offer 1-click scripts installation. Always look for web hosting offering 1-click script installation packages, such as Fantastico De Luxe – free of charge. Fantastico allows you to install WordPress and dozens other easy – just fill in some details, and with one click of a button, you will have your WordPress installed and configured – all done in literally seconds.

3. Always seek and use coupon codes

In registering your domain name, signing up for a web hosting account and looking for premium WordPress theme and plugins, you should always look for coupon codes. How much can you save? Well, discount web hosting can even give you free hosting for the first month, for example. Also, always look for “easter eggs” coupon codes, such as GoDaddy’s occasional $1 dot-com domain name registration (normal price: $12.)

4. Use free WordPress themes and plugins

I was against free WordPress themes. But as I searched a lot on free WordPress themes, I realized that even many of the free WP themes look better than the premium and/or custom-designed ones. Also, check out popular WordPress theme designers’ sites, such as – there are usually some free WP themes you can use as you wish as long as you keep the link on footer intact.

For plugins, there are some premium ones, but I recommend you to seek the free plugins from plugins directory. There are plenty of powerful plugin available for free.

So – there you go. I hope you can preserve some from your budget with my tips.


Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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