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How can marketers make best use of Instagram?

Social media marketing, these days, appears to have an inclination more on numbers, images and statistics. Instagram has evolved as one platform that helps businesses connect with images. This popular mobile photo sharing application has witnessed an increase in the number of users from 15 to 80 million. When it comes to stunning and exceptionally beautiful visual content, nothing can actually beat Instagram. However, if you don’t know how are going to use it for boosting your brand promotion, it is only going to remain like just any other social site in the cyber world.


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Why Instagram is getting all the hype?

Popularity of Instagram among marketers has been touching sky and here we can say that even the sky is not the limit. They have become perfect platforms for marketers who are looking to get their messages across with the help of amazing images shared with their target market. When Instagram was out, it was merely seen as a medium for sharing photos which means it did not have a marketing value in its earlier phases. With the help of short messages and visuals, Instagram has become one of the most impactful platforms where marketers can reach their target audiences in the manner their audiences desire to.

So, why do you think more and more people are increasingly turning to using this popular site – Instagram? If you’re a marketer, we will let you find out how you can use Instagram to boost your outputs in marketing.

Use of Instagram for reaching a wider section of audience

Marketers and users have waited for a long time to see Instagram having a web presence alongside its availability as a widely used mobile application. It was in November 2012 that the marketers saw immense opportunities arriving their way with Instagram making its much talked about web presence. This means they could also market on plenty of other devices and not just mobile.

You can create amazing collages and project an insight on your brand or company to your target market. You can also narrate an interesting story with the help of amazing images. Marketers can also include effective call to action to their images – all they need to do is to plan and act strategically.

Drive traffic with Instagram contests

Contests over Instagram are widely popular and marketers can take advantage of them. Users may be asked to make hash tag for contests and tag the images with a particular word. Sony has previously conducted successful photo contests which have driven good traffic; they have set an amazing and unforgettable example. They have rather indicated how you can get more and more followers on Instagram. This is a smart way to boost up the user engagement with your company or brand. You’re only required to post engaging and interesting content like you would do on any other social media site.

Feature your target audiences

People love to see friendly faces on the social media sites and particularly the ones from the brands they are interested in. Since your customers are the best spokespersons of your brand, they can very well promote your company with a different perspective. Include some good reviews about your services, brand or product provided by your customers.

Make use of Instagram and take a click of your customers with your products or mentioning about their experience with the service. Now there rests the real art, showcase the value of your brand alongside the experience of your customers. This will help you in making the connection of your brand with your customers better and stronger.

Instagram marketing can help you grab attention of your target market and also educate them about your services and products without actually annoying them. We can’t deny that marketing through Instagram images can also make people aware of your events as they can get to know both visuals and location of your event within few minutes. It also makes it easier for you to connect with other people from the same industry and share what you’re up to in a particular hour.

If you’re a marketer, Instagram can provide your company with the necessary advancement in pace of progress. Believe it or not, marketing through images has been getting popular and Instagram has been the trendiest platform for the same. So, if you’re willing to stand out from the crowd by marketing through photos – Instagram is the answer. Start trending!

About the Author: Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he occasionally writes for, a leading UK based budget post and rope barriers manufacturer and supplier.

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