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Google’s Favor on Big Brands: Why Webpreneurs Must Focus on Branding Even More

google brandingOne of my Noobpreneur Business Blog’s readers commented regarding the Google “conspiracy” toward SEO practitioners. And I think to some extent webpreneurs must understand how SEO works, especially if you want your web business to be more visible on Google search engine result pages.

Before you take advices from SEO so-called experts, you must read this supposedly subscriber-only content from SEO Book regarding Google’s heavy emphasis on branding.

Here are some important snippets from the article that I think might interest you:

Many pages that exhibited the following characteristics simply disappeared from the search results

* repetitive inbound anchor text with little diversity
* heavy repetition of the keyword phrase in the page title and on the page
* words is a phrase exhibiting close proximity with few occurrences of the keywords spread apart
* a lack of related/supporting vocabulary in the page copy

The above is an “intro” – this is the real deal that you and I should heed, coming from Google CEO, Eric Schmidt:

1. Google CEO on brands

The internet is fast becoming a “cesspool” where false information thrives… he said their brands were increasingly important signals that content can be trusted.

“Brands are the solution, not the problem,” Mr. Schmidt said. “Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.”

“Brand affinity is clearly hard wired,” he said. “It is so fundamental to human existence that it’s not going away. It must have a genetic component.”

2. Google CEO on word relationships

“Wouldn’t it be nice if Google understood the meaning of your phrase rather than just the words that are in that phrase? We have a lot of discoveries in that area that are going to roll out in the next little while.”

The SEO Book article also show some proofs that Google is taking brands more seriously, and has listed previously poor-ranked brands at the first page of Google search engine result pages. So, I highly recommend you to read the article.

What has this got to do with webpreneurs?

As technical as it may seem, the article on branding I refer to contain the “best-kept secret” to SEO for your new websites and online business.

From a non-SEO-expert point of view, here’s what I think the article has shed some light:

  • Made for AdSense sites (sites that are created especially to rank well on search engine and make money via Google AdSense) and other low-quality sites will eventually lose their footing on search engine result pages – maybe not now, but the indicator is here and Google’s “secret future plans” has been leaked.
  • Focus on how to build a strong, trusted business brand instead of how to rank well on search engines
  • Stop excessive low-level link building activities for your sites, such as (low-quality) web directory submissions for the sake of back link count, paid links, even link exchange; again, focus on branding
  • Getting sites to link to your websites in their article will be even more important than having your links in their “blogrolls” or “featured partners” on the site’s sidebar.

Branding is really a hard issue to quantify, and Google’s decision to focus on branding is understandable, logical but also mind-boggling. Nevertheless, trying to “translate” what Google wants, here’s how I view online branding: Treat it like your off line business branding; What would you do to promote your off line business? Fliers, coupons, business cards, banners, etc. with your business name printed large and bold.

So, instead of rank My Web Estate as “online business ideas” and/or “webpreneurship tips” on search engine, I think (and assume) that I better start ranking My Web Estate as… “My Web Estate – THE premier source for online business ideas and webpreneurship tips.” You see what I mean?

Here’s another thing to ponder about: Should we begin to find other web traffic sources for your and my web businesses, and stop relying on Google? Maybe we should just do that – here’s a fact: Google only account for 20% of all Internet user traffic. Why we bother competing to squeeze traffic from the 20%, instead of exploring what’s in the other 80%? Hmm…

Any thoughts? Please share yours by commenting on this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Business branding

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