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Five Ways to Turn $100 Into $1000

nurturing money treeIn this economic climate, a lot of people could use an extra $1000 every month or so. Maybe you don’t want to get a second job but as long as you have a little starter money, you can find creative ways to make even more money. Here are five ways to turn $100 into $1000! These will get you started but start thinking outside the box and you are likely to come up with more.

Re-Sell on eBay or Craigslist

Pick an item that you know about, say children’s clothing or books, and see what’s selling either of these sites. Then hit up garage sales and resale shops to find items that are in good to great condition. You can even fix up furniture or electronics, if you have the knowledge, and resell them a much higher price! Start with items you know and gradually expand. You could easily break $1000 profit in the first two months!

Homemade Items

Are you a soap maker? Does your dog gobble up the organic dog treats you make? Why not start up a small side business making useful, high quality items that others will gladly buy. You can sell to friends or on line in a shop like Make sure to start small and test the market before investing all of your $100 into supplies. Then scale up as you gain exposure and profit.

Tutor or Consultant

Were you a math whiz? Can you speak Chinese fluently? Are you a successful business person? Parent’s will gladly pay to help their child succeed and who wouldn’t want to become better in their career? Invest in a few books to brush up on areas where you may be rusty or use it to gain new, up to date information, then advertise around schools and libraries. As you get experience, you can raise your rates until you reach your desired per hour rate.

On-line Marketing

Use your $100 to invest in a good, quality course about Internet marketing. Spend a week studying it , find a good affiliate program and then get busy creating content and web pages to recommend your favorite products to others, and get paid to do so!


If you don’t need your $1000 very quickly, you can invest it by loaning it to others through peer to peer lending sites on-line. Just make sure that you meet all of their criteria when you sign up. Alternatively you can just loan to personal friends to get a little interest.

Try one of these ideas and get started making your next $1000 today!

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