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Fish for Traffic by Link Baiting

link baitingLocal internet marketing has become a must for businesses that want to take advantage of the internet. And why shouldn’t businesses do so? We, after all, are now living in the internet era. One of the questions regarding local internet marketing that needs an immediate answer is how to get scores of customers to visit the company website more frequently. 

One solution involves the concepts of SEO and SEM. However, to really make the most out of your SEO and SEM efforts, websites need to deliver great content. This isn’t content that is produced just for the sake of have something displayed on the site. The content that you want is one which is truly newsworthy—the kind that motivated its readers to spread the word about it.

The term used for a content that sparks a great interest in its readers is ‘link bait’. Here is an example of a ‘link bait’ in order to drive home the point. Say you are a home contractor and one of your manufacturers has just released a brand new product which you want to introduce to your clients. With the help of that new product’s introduction from the manufacturer, you can easily promote this product on your website or on any social media you are on. Essentially, you will be riding on the publicity wave created by the manufacturer when he markets his new product, and by doing so you’re driving traffic to your website. This scenario will work well regardless of what market you are in. 

Social media has the ability to make little known people and places household names in just a matter of seconds. Hence, if used in conjunction with social media, link baiting can bring about amazing results. In order for the link bait to be set effectively, business owners are advised to link to other business’ websites which feature relevant, refreshing and unique content. If you’re quite reluctant to link to other people’s websites then get them to link to your website instead by publishing content which will generate massive response from your readers. 

One easy way to get other business websites to link to you is to announce a certain contest. Or probably you can post a really cool video or give out certain freebies like ebooks. As long as you provide something that readers will go gaga for, you should be most certain that those links will come.  

Chris Marentis writes from his experience in Social Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales. He currently runs a local search marketing company Surefire Social and provides local marketing services to small businesses.

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