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Find your USP and Promote It: Website Designer’s Survival Guide

unique selling propositionAs usual, I was sitting at the comfort of Starbucks with old friends – laptop and a cup of coffee. It was just another idle morning and I was trying to brainstorm some idea for my next designing project then suddenly, a realization dawn upon me. I confronted myself why I am sting in Starbucks and paying exorbitant prices happily when the same cup of coffee is available at half rate at the shop opposite? Simple Starbucks has its star value and its USP is to provide a soothing and comfortable surrounding to all. It is the USP which helps it drawing a considerable number of footfalls in spite of all the competition. Now, the same concept is applicable to website design field. You get to have your USP and promote it in every possible way to convince the client that you are the most deserving candidate out there.

Why You Should Have A USP: Since world is getting smaller, metaphorically of course, you cannot survive just because you are offering services at a rock bottom price. The thing is that you will soon find another rock star offering the same service almost half of what you have quoted. Now, you simply cannot lower your price anymore. So, there are two options left either you will have to develop a solid USP that will help you stand out and reckon with or brace yourself for late night work.

Find Your USP: Not that much challenging. You need take thing this way. We all are gifted. Some are good at writing; some have gift of gab whereas some are excellent at calculation. Try to figure out what you are good at and once you get your hand on it, make it your trademark. You need to polish that skill and take it to the extreme as it will help you convince prospective clients.

But featuring yourself as an expert has its own share of shortcoming. For say, if you are featuring yourself a pro WordPress developer, you will probably miss out on projects which are meant of Magento developers. But since you cannot be the Jack of all trades at least at the same time, you need to come to term with this hard fact.

Have An Impressive Profile: It is your moral responsibility to make people aware that you are a star designer. Do not rue that people are not taking you seriously or you are not getting the respect you deserve. In stead of wasting your time, making people educated about your talent, you should pull up your socks and join some seminars and represent yourself a master designer before connoisseurs. If you manage to earn respect from them, you will shoot to fame within a day. Once you have managed to come under the limelight, projects will come to you automatically.

Develop your own Unique Style: This is somewhat related to USP. As a designer, you are good at design but you have to be exceptional at one particular thing. For say, you can be just awesome at brushes or designing background or you are second to none when it comes to designing Facebook fan page. Now the thing is that you have to be exceptional at certain area and that should be reflected in your designing style. Once you manage to incorporate your uniqueness in the design style, you will rule the roost. I have applied similar tactic when I was designing Facebook Fan Page for my coupon website that houses amazing offers on norton 360 code and Panda coupon.

Go Viral: Once you know your USP, you should try every possible method out there to promote that. Let people what you are good at. Join design forums and give expert opinions, give some freebies with a tinged of extraordinary or write some great tutorials which will help you get acquainted with many people and your popularity will soar like anything else.

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