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Facebook Sues Teachbook for Using the Word “Book” – WTF?

facebook sues teachbookI just read an interesting news from WebProNews about Facebook suing Teachbook – a Teachers professional community – for using the word “book” in its name. This is ridiculous and arrogant.

Yeah – we all know that Facebook is popular and has a member base that can form a nation itself. Yeah – we all know that being the most popular social media site in the world makes Facebook flies a few feet above the ground. But, c’mon – suing other sites for using the word “Book” in the name, accusing the site as an attempt to compete with Facebook by trying to be “Facebook for Teachers” is simply too much.

I understand that Facebook is trying its best to protect its market share – but here’s my question: Has Facebook patented the word “book” that refers to a certain online community?

Well, maybe the forefathers should sue Facebook for using the word “Face” and “Book” in its business name.

What if I build an online community called “Shitbook” (pardon my language – I promise I make a point on this one) – will it gets me sued over the use of the word “book” regardless the content of the social site?

What if I create a Facebook clone site but named it “Feisboog” – I should be able to avoid any legal issues, then?

Suing social sites using the word “Facebook” is acceptable – but suing them over the use of “book” word is ridiculous and arrogant at large.

I believe Microsoft won’t sue someone for using the word “soft” for selling an operating system, don’t you think? What about Google – does using part of the name, say, Moogle to name a search engine site
for cow owners will get them sue the site owner?

I’m not a lawyer, but I’m a social site user. Nevertheless, the Facebook legal team has its own reasoning regarding this matter. I’m just an outsider who has closed my personal Facebook account for receiving spams and scam messages. Maybe I should sue Facebook over that? What about those privacy leak concerns over FB accounts? (of course I won’t sue Facebook – I don’t have the “firepower” to pursue such path.. oh well…)

Oh, wait – I use the word Facebook on this article title – the WebProNews’ article use the “magic” word, too – maybe I should edit that to avoid any lawsuits?

Ivan Widjaya
I use Twitter more than FB

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