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Domain Name Selection, Registration and Transfer

domain namesA professional website is one of the most important tools that any business needs to have in order to survive. Selecting and registering a domain name is the first step towards setting up a website. The domain name chosen should clearly brand and identify your business online. Finding an appropriate domain name was a major consideration when setting up my blog which features anhosting coupons and westhost discounts.

Selecting a domain name

For your site to have good rankings in search engines, you need to come up with a domain name which contains specific keywords which are likely to be used by visitors when searching. Write down a list of as many names as possible that would fit your business. Do your best to keep the domain name simple and concise so that people can easily remember it. Avoid using hyphens or underscores because people might forget to insert them in the name. If the .com name you want is unavailable, you could try out other extensions such as .net, .biz, or .info.

Registering a domain name

There are several companies that can register a domain name for less than $10. When choosing a company to register your domain, take note of the different services offered. Make sure you don’t sign up for extra services which are not really necessary. In addition, you need to ensure that your domain name is registered in your own name. Registering in someone else’s name may lead to complications in the future in case you opt to move your domain to a different hosting company.

When asked about Name Server Information or DNS (Domain Name System) Server, you can get this information from your web hosting service. However, if you are yet to select a web hosting service, you could have the registrar park the domain name temporarily until you are ready to host it.

After registering your domain, it is important that you remember to renew it before it expires. Therefore, when signing up for a domain name, you need to make sure that the registrar will issue a reminder before the name expires.

Transferring a domain name

You might want to transfer your domain name due to several reasons:

  • Transferring to another registrar will save you money
  • You have found a web hosting service for your parked domain name
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of service of your current web host

The following is the basic process of transferring a domain name:

1. Copy or download all files from your old host to your computer

2. Open an account with the new hosting provider

3. Change the Name Server Information or DNS (Domain Name System) to the name servers of the new web hosting company. The domain name will take 1-3 days before showing up on the new servers.

4. Go to the new host and upload all the files

5. Test your site and make sure that it looks just as it did before

6. If the transfer to the new host is successful, terminate the previous account

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