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Do not make your write-up sounds boring – try these tips

blog writing tipsWriting should be fun but sadly enough professional writers take it otherwise. The bitter truth is that when you are writing for a living, it is not fun anymore. You need to spend hours on finding the right topic, and then another two hours on doing the research and then another one hour or so to come with an engaging content. So, the truth is coming up with interesting topic 7 days a week is certainly not an easy task. In fact, the very thought of coming up with article that people would love to share and appreciate is sickening, because it takes long hours. So, unless you do wish to cater the same boring topic in the same old fashion way, here are some cool tips that can really make your whole writing experience enjoyable and readers will have something interesting to feast on:

Add A Personal Touch: I know how hard it is when you are writing things on loans, mortgage or their likes. Rather than stuffing the article with raw data and all that, you can make it a bit interesting by adding some personal, touches in them. Like you can start with how bad mortgage loan made your friend file bankruptcy or how your friend successfully paid it off. Or something of that kind. If you wish, you can share your personal experience as well. This will definitely go a long way to ensure to keep the boring part at bay in the article.

Use Some great Quotes: Fortunately enough, the world got some geniuses and as writers, we ought to be grateful to them since we have got so many great quotes to spice our write-ups. To be honest, I feel great when I see that I have got a great quote to start off my write-up because it helps me a lot to set the tone in a precise manner. And if you are a genius, you can try to add two or three quotes in the write-up without making the write-up look bad.


Start with a Story: Yes, this one is my favorite. If you have this gift, you can turn even the most boring type of content into something truly engaging and interesting. Moreover, it will help you add a new dimension to your writing style. Apart from freshening up your writing style, starting with a story can help you hook onto the attention of the audience quite successfully. Try this, as you may never know we may have the great story writer of this decade in the making. For inspirations, you can turn to O, Henry, Maugham and the likes and hopefully, you will be able to incorporate this


Take an interview: This is another awesome idea that you can easily give a try. You do not need to be a well established reporter to be able to get a popular personality to give you an interview. Nope, this is not the case at all. You can take an interview of your friend if he has specialization on that particular area. This will add a fresh breadth of life to your write-up and you will not have to worry about serving another boring content to your readers.
However, if you have any other interesting idea to make the boring topics read great, please share your views.


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