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Direct Methods of Making Money though Your Website

make money onlineThere are several ways of making money directly through your website:

1. RSS Feed Ads

RSS technology has become increasingly popular with many internet users, thus offering website owners another way of monetizing their sites. Some blogs and sites sell sponsored messages or banners directly on your feed. You could use your feed footer to display CPM ads. Some of the leading RSS networks include BidVertiser, Pheedo and FeedBurner.

2. Premium content

Some blogs and sites offer some of their content at no cost, but charge a fee for access to exclusive tools and premium content.

3. Sponsors for special events

If your site features occasional events such as interviews, podcasts, projects or surveys, there are firms or organizations that would be willing to sponsor them. This enables advertisers to reach a more specific audience and enhances monetization opportunities for website owners.

4. Private forums

You could start a private forum where members are required to pay a recurring or single fee to join. For your forum to be profitable, you will need to offer your members real value (e.g. tools and secret techniques). Some of the software that can be used to create forums includes Vanilla, vBulletin and Simple Machines Forum.

5. Job boards

To create a profitable and active job board, make sure you have a blog with a good volume of traffic and focused on a particular niche. The great thing about job boards is that they offer the opportunity of making an income passively. Once the system is set up, jobs get listed naturally. You could charge up to $100 for each job. Jobbex, JobThread and Web Scribe Job Board are among the well known job board software.

6. Marketplaces

An online marketplace allows web users to trade, sell or buy products. The disadvantage of an online marketplace is that there is no software on the internet which can be used to create it. This means that to integrate a marketplace into your site, you might have to hire the services of a coder.

7. Renting or selling internal pages

Some sites sell for a recurring fee or single fee their internal pages. Usually, these are sites which have high traffic or a high page rank. However, it would be difficult for small blogs to implement this method.

8. Donations

You can earn money by having a ‘donate’ button or link on your site. This works especially well for blogs which offer readers valuable content.

9. In-text advertising

In-text advertising networks such as Vibrant Media and Kontera can help you place sponsored links within the body of your text. Unlike normal links, sponsored links are double underlined. The ad pops when the mouse is rolled over the link. Site owners earn when visitors click on the link. The disadvantage of this method is that it is very intrusive.

10. Pop-ups and pop-unders

These are popular forms of advertising online. However, they can also be very annoying. When attempting to generate loyal visitors and grow traffic, they should be avoided. Pop-ups are used by ad networks such as PopupAd, PayPopup and Adversal.

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