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CloudFlare: Why You Should Seriously Consider Using the Application for Your Business Websites

cloudflareSome months ago I tried an application called CloudFlare on a couple of my websites, and to say the least, the results are astonishing!

What is CloudFlare? How it works?

So, what is CloudFlare, anyway?

CloudFlare is a cloud-based application that allows you to re-route your incoming traffic to CloudFlare’s DNS, cache them and check for any security threats (spams, hacks, etc.,) and serve your “clean” page to your web visitors.

So – in short, CloudFlare will make your site faster and more secure.

Check out the intro video to learn more about CloudFlare:

How CloudFlare will benefit me and my site’s visitors?

Your web visitors won’t notice any changes to your web pages, except they are actually accessing your website faster and more securely.

SEO-wise, a faster page load will help you rank better on search engine result pages. Furthermore, you are actually helping your web hosting provider by reducing your bandwidth usage.

You can even label yourself as environmentally conscious as you help reducing carbon emission by reducing resources needed to run your website.

So, all in all, CloudFlare offers you all benefits.

My experience with CloudFlare: Case Studies

I have 2 of my sites on CloudFlare. Here’s what CloudFlare has done for those sites:

1. – WordPress-powered blog

According to CloudFlare analytics, my cloud business reviews site’s page load time is down from 3 seconds to 1 second, 66 percent of request saved and nearly 50 percent of bandwidth saved. CloudFlare has thwarted about 5 percent of threats on medium setting.

All in all, CloudFlare has made this site 64 percent faster.

2. – PHP Link Directory-powered web directory

For this automotive directory of mine, CloudFlare has made it 77 percent faster, decreasing the page load time from 9 seconds to 3 seconds. 50 percent of request saved and 38 percent of bandwidth saved.

This has brought to my attention: Threats thwarted is about 10 percent of traffic on medium setting.

Conclusion: Try CloudFlare!

I strongly recommend you to use CloudFlare on your sites. On those two sites of mine, I see encouraging figures, especially in page speed and threat detection. I plan to implement CloudFlare to all my sites.

CloudFlare is free (more powerful features and analytics for the pro version) – so I can’t see reasons why you don’t want to give it a try.

Go to CloudFlare

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