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Build A Solid Foundation And You Will Build A Successful Online Business

Most people who try to make money online will find it difficult. It’s just the way it has always been. The reason some find it so difficult is because they look at their computer and they see an ATM machine. I’m positive they think by pressing some buttons the keyboard is going to open up and start throwing out hundred dollar bills. The ones that are successful know better, they understand Internet marketing is a business.

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Once you realize you have to start a business you can then start working towards making real money. As long as you keep chasing the next big thing you will keep on failing. Is that what you really want to do? Is this just a game to you? If you don’t build a business you’re going to turn around in 2 years and you’ll be right where you are now: on the path to nothing. Today I want to talk to you about how you can do this with a blog.

1.  This is why you’re failing

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Imagine for a second you wanted to build a website. You’d choose some new niche and throw a basic WordPress theme up. Then you’d maybe write a few articles and add your affiliate link. Getting traffic is proving to be difficult. You post on forums and leave a few comments on other peoples blogs. You manage to get some visitors to your site but it doesn’t make any money.

You’re pretty annoyed. All that hard work you’ve put into the blog and it’s made you absolutely nothing. Complete zilch. So then you brush yourself off and choose another niche then do it all again. Stop right there. I want you to understand that there is absolutely no way in the world that you will ever make any money online if that’s the way you do it.

2.  Build a foundation

Every business needs a foundation. The first thing you obviously need to do is choose a niche that you know will make you money. Do this by looking at other websites and using common sense to figure out if the website produces income. Once you have your niche you need to set up a sales funnel:

  • Opt-in freebie
  • Follow-up messages
  • Sales pitch

3.  Opt-in freebie

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You need to have an auto-responder form on your site. The easiest way to make money is from a list and getting people onto the list requires you to offer a free product. You will have to write this yourself, and make sure it’s good so people are not put off when it comes to the paid product.

4.  Follow-up messages

When someone signs in you need to give them lots of great information. You can’t just ask someone to buy straight away. They will get angry and leave. Your conversion rate will be terrible. It’s important you become their friend and when you offer a product they will trust you enough to buy it.

5.  Sales pitch

After you’ve built up a friendship you will eventually need to offer them a product. As nice as free information is, you’re trying to run a business and that requires making money. After a certain amount of follow-up messages your sales pitch will be an offer for either your product, or an affiliate one.

6.  The magic if tweaking

Start sending traffic to your website. Once it starts arriving you want to keep tweaking your opt-in box until you get a high conversion. This could be anything from changing the wording to making the button a different color. When you are happy you move onto the follow-up messages. You want to keep improving them until you are happy with the open-rate.

Finally you start tweaking your sales pitch. Keep changing it until you are happy and making good sales. This is where the magic happens. You know have a sales funnel that converts; you now have a business. Now you can keep sending as much traffic to your sales funnel as you like. The more targeted traffic you send, the more money you make.

About the Author: Trevor Smith is an expert online marketer and an avid blogger who has recently published a post titled Making Money Online Tips For Beginners

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