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Be the Leader of the Pack with Attainable Small Business Marketing Campaigns

small business marketingIn the past, small businesses do not have the recourse to large marketing campaigns. However, the internet has changed the way in which we do business and this has meant that smaller business now have opportunities for marketing available to them which were once only the preserve of businesses with massive marketing budgets. Large and loud marketing campaigns are now not only for the loud and large corporations, but are now for smaller business. Proactive marketing campaigns are now accessible for smaller businesses and are the way to make your business hit the big time.

Give your Online Visibility a Head Start

Have a Great Website

Your online presence must be professional and this starts with a professional looking website. Your website should be interesting and continually updated with new and topical information. If your website is professional and makes your visitors return you are increasing your chances of having an effective online presence. It may be that you use your website to let your customers know about upcoming sales and promotions or they may be able to become members for special member privileges. In this way customers will not only keep on coming back but will also share your website and therefore your product or service with their friends.

A professional website can also mean that your customers will want to become part of the online community and it can be used to collect email addresses and social media profiles for you to communicate with your client base directly and personally. A website is useless, irrespective of how interesting or fresh it is, if no one visits it. This is where search engine optimization comes in, as this will help you to get traffic to your great website.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Blog your way to a website presence

Blogging a very much a la mode and it is also a perfect way to both attract new customers and also to provide a method of communication between customer and client. Information provided in your company blog can help make your business look as though it knows what it is doing and that you are an expert in the area. Blogs which can give value to their customer are often revisited and shared. If your blog is shared it is given a certain amount of kudos which can only help to support your business progression.

The magic of Facebook

Facebook has over 800 million users across the globe of these over one hundred million use Facebook every day. This makes Facebook, and other social media sites an extremely powerful tool in creating a reputable online presence. A Facebook profile or Facebook for business use page can provide a small business with a massive audience and a way in which to communicate with targeted individuals. Facebook provides an extremely easy and cost effective way to reach a massive audience.

A Facebook page or profile can be used to tell your customers all about your company and has a lot of functionality available, such as posting video clips or links to special offer coupons etc. It is important that your Facebook page or profile is personal and provides something which appeals to your customers. One of the first things to do on completing your Facebook page or profile is make sure that you have an attractive profile or page picture as this is one of the first things which your page visitors will see and therefore associate with your product or service.

It is important to promote you Facebook page or profile and Facebook can provide you with some simple in-house applications in order to do this. Facebook can also sell you advertising space for your Facebook page and these are relatively cheap when considering other available advertising methods. Always link your Facebook page to your external blog to help your traffic. It is also possible to buy Facebook ‘likes’ or ‘friends’ to increase the visibility of your Facebook profile or page.

To ensure success, it is essential that you employs latest Facebook marketing tips and strategies. The success of marketing your small business through Facebook is to keep it personal. Communicate with your visitors on a personal and individual basis; answer their questions personally and comment on their Facebook lives. It is well known in marketing that creating relationships can improve sales and business. Facebook may be a little overwhelming for some, but in order to keep ahead of the game it is essential that you play an interactive and proactive role in social media.

Tweet your way to success with Twitter.

Twitter doesn’t have the full range of functionality that comes with Facebook however it can still be an extremely effectively tool for marketing your business. Your Twitter feed should keep your customers updated of your business on a very regular basis. It should also point to other elements of your online presence to improve your overall online visibility, such as your Facebook profile and your company blog. Making your Tweets informative and fun can make people take notice. Make sure that they are always linked to your brand to improve your brand recognition.

Updating your Twitter feed with topical information which links to your overall online marketing campaign should be a daily event in order to keep on top of the game. Make sure that your customers know which Twitter account belongs to your company or service. Encourage your friends and colleagues to interact with your Twitter feed to improve visibility.

The business network site LinkedIn

LinkedIn is first and foremost a business network rather than a social network and as such LinkedIn is the most
LinkedIn has a huge benefit over Facebook in that it ranks extremely high in Google. LinkedIn can provide a perfect landing site to transfer your users to your Facebook or Twitter account.

Smartphone Marketing Revolution

Things are moving quickly in the world of internet marketing and in order to stay ahead of the game it is important to embrace these changes as soon as they happen. The world of smartphone marketing is a new avenue for many and one to be taken full advantage of. All the social media and networking functionality available on a computer or laptop has now been brought to the mobile phone arena. It is now possible to check your Facebook, update your Twitter feed and to shop for services and products from your phone and with more and more people now having Smartphones this is going to become more and more popular. Smartphone marketing is essential for your small business to get ahead and for others to find your business.

What about Information Marketing?

Audio and Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Videos can make an impact on customers and videos of real people who have used your product or service can have a massive impact for small businesses. Videos again bring a personal touch to marketing your product or service. Videos are easier to make than you think and can also be shared and marketed as easily. Videos can be placed on YouTube and then linked to from Facebook or Twitter. You can also consider hosting a webinar to give real two way communication.


E-Books are now extremely popular and can be downloaded from more types of media than ever before. An e-book which relates to your product or service can be extremely popular with your customers. E-books are not that expensive and again can make a big impact in your marketing campaign.

It is important to note that online marketing campaigns do not have a set of rules for perfect success; however there are steps that you can take to ensure that your business has every chance to be a success. You do however have to be in it to win it and it is now difficult to market a small business without using social media and the internet as a key part of your marketing strategy. It is however important to be proactive and original in your approach to marketing your small business.


Being ahead of the game can be hard for small businesses and it is essential to consider your online marketing campaign. A smart website can provide your with a platform for your business and it is worthwhile getting help from a company which specializes in search engine optimization to help your website rank highly. Online social media can help you to market your company as well as interact with your customers. The rise of smartphones should be used to your advantage by using mobile internet marketing. There are a number of ways in which to market your business, the key is to be creative.

About the Author: The article is written by Edmond Hong, an expert in business marketing and holds a degree in Business Marketing as well as Civil Engineering from an Australian University, the Monash University in Melbourne. He owns a website where businesses and entrepreneurs could purchase Facebook likes for instant credibility on the internet. He is a prolific writer on business and marketing matters and has been published in the Age Australia Business Section and the New York Times amongst other reputable publications.

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