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Are Autoblogs Useless Web Assets? 5 Autoblogs Myths to Bust

shockedAutoblogs, or automatically updated blogs, are hot today. The biggest appeal of autoblogs is your minimal involvement in updating your blogs’ content. However, many webmasters and webpreneurs resent autoblogs. Let’s talk about this and bust some myths.

Autoblogs allow you to get your sites up and running fast, thus allowing you to build literally hundreds of blogs faster and easier.

With an autoblog, you don’t have to lift a finger to get your blog content updated – updates are managed by a script. One of the reasons why people love WordPress is the availability of autoblogging WordPress autoblogging plugin, such as WP Robot. All you need to do is install, configure settings, and you’re done.

Here’s what an autoblog script do – in layman’s term: The script allows you to pull content from the Internet, based on set of keywords and/or from the predetermined location, and publish the content as blog posts.

Now, despite the upsides I mentioned above, many resent autoblogs for various reasons, such as:

1. They add no value, mainly due to the duplicate content.
2. Google will kill them on the spot!
3. They worth less than those with unique content.
4. They steal other people’s content.
5. They are spammy and only add ‘noise’ to the Internet.

Well, from my own experience, autoblogs can do much more than you think.

The myth-busters

1. Autoblogs add no value due to the duplicate content

Wrong. Duplicate content, yes – but add no value (a.k.a. worthless)? A huge misconception. Did you know that Yahoo! News also use syndicated content from Associated Press (AP)? Is Yahoo! News add no value to you? Not likely.

Well, all I can say is people won’t bother the duplicate content (some would spot the duplicates, but many simply don’t know or don’t care!) as long as the content is useful and of high quality. From my own autoblogs, people leave comments and interact, regardless of the duplicate contents. The key here is not the content itself, but on your response to the comment – if you write unique blog posts but you don’t interact with your readers, your unique blog posts are not that valuable, after all!

2. Google will penalise your autoblogs to death

No, they won’t – IF you use the autoblogging capabilities right. While Google did penalize duplicate content, there are so many case studies showing how a duplicate content rank higher in search engines than the original content. This is sad, but that’s life.

The thing is, people (including me) busy writing articles and hoping that they will bear enough link-baiting potential to get people to link to your article – which is pretty challenging. In webpreneurship, speed is money – unless you have the budget hire a quality writer to blog for you, you can’t really rely on building blogs with 100% unique content.

Here’s one more thing regarding duplicates – may think that Google will penalise you for any kind of duplicate content; not likely. Unless you carbon-copy the content AND the site design – surprise, surprise! – you won’t be penalised. Google will also penalise duplicates found within your own site – so, autoblogs won’t likely to be punished by Big G.

3. Autoblogs worth less than those with unique content

Although this is typically true, this is not always the case. Unique quality content does have value, but again, the keyword here is ‘quality.’ I’m not sure about those sites filled with unique, but rewritten content. Again, the writers/bloggers authoritative voice in the articles drives the value of the sites, not the unique content itself.

Autoblogs, in the other hand, can take form in a great domain name, great site layout, great content categorization and strong link building – this, my friend, will make your autoblogs indispensable and high in value; it’s all coming back to the information presentation and organisation.

If you asked me, I would rather have autoblogs instead of “unique” blogs filled with unique but (poorly) rewritten content.

4. Autoblogs steal other people’s content

Some, yes. The key here is keeping what’s inside the “resource box” or “Original article here… ” intact, and make sure the content is having a Creative Common attribution license, because some original content owners won’t allow you to republish their article without written permission (take heed – linking and attribution are not always acceptable.)

5. Autoblogs are spammy

Some, yes. Similar to the points above, the key in investing on autoblogs is information and presentation of information’s quality. Autoblogs with Google AdSense everywhere are not that appealing, unless they make a lot of money from the ads. It’s better for you and I to create autoblogs that focus on the presentation of information (a.k.a. theme design and layout,) as the information itself is “outsourced” to other sources.

One more tip: Creating newsy autoblogs could be a better way to create quality web assets – highly topical autoblogs will always face the chances of unrelated articles autoposting. For instance, if your autoblog’s niche is finance and its main keyword is “money,” there is a chance that you will have an article titles “Paul Pierce’s two-pointer is money” – which is clearly an article from basketball niche. This will make your autoblogs a bit on the spammy-side.

Anything to add? Please do so by commenting to this article.

Ivan Widjaya
Autoblog fan
Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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