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Analyzing good Professional Careers

alternative careersSo you want a change of career, you may want to be your own boss, but currently, you are having a hard time attaining a business loan or the capital you need. What do you do? Don’t give up on your dream just yet; you might just have to come at it from a different vantage point. If you’re looking for a rewarding career why not consider a career where you can feel great that you are doing something that is contributing to a positive society and one where you help others while still making a decent salary, read on. Before you make the big switch though, make some time to identify where your passion lies. This is the time where you would try to match your specific skills and your interests with specific jobs and organizations.

Following is a list of jobs that may be worth pursuing if you are looking at ditching the corporate world to pursue something more meaningful.

School Teacher

Talk about the ultimate sacrifice. This is a great job where you can actually make a difference and have a positive impact on children’s lives. And even though there have been many cuts made to local and state budgets, there still lies demand for teachers from K to 12 for subjects such as math and science and special ed. There is also a need to bilingual teachers, and a many number of teachers are expected to retire in the following 10 years.


Dieticians typically work in hospitals, schools and corporations advising on nutrition. Many nutritionists also work independently and have their own private practices. Since the obesity epidemic is growing faster and especially among children, there is a high demand for dieticians to work in schools and educate our young on healthy eating.

Personal Trainer

There is money to be made in the fitness industry; you just have to be ready for some tough competition. Baby boomers are becoming more health conscious as they age and they are paying big bucks for some professional help. Plus job prospects are expected to grow by 30% making it one of the fastest growing sectors.

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