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Amateur SEO and Internet Marketing is a Waste of Your Time

seo tipsYou’re a savvy business person. You have to be, or else your business wouldn’t stand a chance, right? As we know, most upstarts end in disastrous failure. But not yours. You’re building a thriving business. And you’re doing so by:

  • Doing your homework
  • Putting in lots of long hours
  • Making smart decisions with both your time and your money

And it’s for you—the business person described above—that this article is written.

We’re about to give you a piece of advice. This advice will serve multiple purposes. In particular, it will:

  • Cut down some of those long hours allowing you to get some rest
  • Unlock the secret of reaching a whole new myriad of potential customers online

Sound good? Well then, hold on to your seat.

Find a Professional for Internet Marketing and SEO

A common mistake business people make is spreading themselves too thin. Since you built this thing from the ground up, you likely feel the need to get your fingers into all aspects of your company. And that’s fine at first. But to see real growth, the kind that fills your business bank account, you need to start letting go.

Let’s face it, no one does everything well. We all have strengths, but along with strengths come weaknesses.

And there are only so many hours in the day.

So the key is to learn what to pass on to someone else. And the perfect place to start is with internet marketing.

You Don’t Do it as Well as They Do

Even if you feel you have time to build your own links and post to various social media outlets, the truth is, you can’t do it the way a professional search engine optimizer can. That’s because this is their career. It’s their number one goal: to push businesses like yours up to top rankings in Google. To market your brand name across the internet.

And in the end, to make your profits soar.

Having said that, their entire business… their entire customer base relies on their ability to not just adequately, but superiorly perform these duties. So they study and they experiment and they learn the tricks of the trade. The secrets that an amateur such as yourself just can’t find.

No disrespect to you. You wouldn’t expect a professional SEO to be an expert in your field either, would you?

What They Can Offer

When you find the right internet marketing company, they can:

  • Help you identify the right keywords to target
  • Help you identify you customer base
  • Tweak your website to increase conversions
  • Help your target audience find your site
  • Build your brand online
  • Set you up as an expert in your field

Think you have the time and know how to do that on your own? Probably not…unless you are in the search engine marketing business!

Take Our Advice

Of course, you don’t have to listen to what we say. But you should. And when you do—when you find that trustworthy SEO company—you’ll be thanking us!

Brian Waraksa is president of Raxa Design, a Houston Internet marketing agency. Brian has been in marketing and small business advertising for the past 8 years.

Raxa Design
2100 West Loop S # 900, Houston, TX
(281) 661-8053 ‎

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2 Responses to “Amateur SEO and Internet Marketing is a Waste of Your Time”

  1. To succeed at SEO – remember, SEO is a competition much like a sport – you need at least two of the following three resources:

    1. time
    2. money
    3. clever strategy

    You also need to hope that not too many competitors have lots and lots of all three. So the question is this: how effective can you be as owner of your team in this sport by hiring an SEO specialist or by trying to win the SEO competition by yourself.

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