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A List Of Top 9 Tricks That Can Improve Your Facebook PPC Campaign

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If you consider that this popular social network now has approximately 800 millions of users who spend approximately one hour of their time browsing different Facebook pages on a daily basis, it is easy to understand why conducting a PPC campaign can be hugely rewarding. Facebook opens up a world of possibilities of enterprising SEO professionals because it is a rich source of high quality prospects and leads. However, in order to guarantee the success of the PPC campaign, you need to first know and respect the rules of the game. Let’s elaborate.

1. Only use interesting and captivating pictures

The picture utilized in the ad will grab the eyes of the user long before they actually read the text associated with it. In fact, ads featuring dull/boring pictures are very likely that go unnoticed by the FB users, so it’s only natural that the click through rate (CTR) is poor. Therefore, feel free to use all the tricks in the book to create an attractive logo for the campaign. In regards to Facebook PPC campaigns, facial expressions work particularly well.

2. Ensure the headlines grab the users’ attention

Formulate the headline in the shape of an inquiry to maximize the attention grabbing potential of your ads. For example, a money lending company could ask the audience “Are you having problems paying your bills?” or “Can’t afford a new car?”. Adapt the question to your particular niche and target audience and you will definitely increase the CTR.

3. Optimization is key

The importance of constantly optimizing the ads in accordance to the specific of the market and industry cannot be stressed enough. Remember that you can always improve on the campaign’s ROI, no matter how successful it currently is.

4. Shoot for a 0.1%+ CTR

The value of the CTR is a factor that directly contributes to the price of the clicks. Essentially, this means that the higher the CTR, the lower the individual click costs. SEO experts agree that the minimal CTR of an ad that can be considered successful is 0.1%. Therefore, if a certain ad in your campaign has a click through rate lower than that, it is better to pause it and go in a different direction.

5. Focus on a single specific audience

An ad that is targeting several audiences is overall a gamble and the odds are against you. To put it simply, you basically have no idea why the CTR is low because there is no way to tell which audience category does not respond to it. Therefore, the click through rates go down and the price per click goes up, but you don’t know why.

6. Starting bids should never exceed $1

Because Facebook suggests the bidding price, many users erroneously view this as the default value. However, the starting bid value recommended by Facebook is not written in stone and you can modify it as you see fit. For the Facebook PPC campaigns, this guide recommends going with the $1 rule.

7. Keep a close eye on the performance of the ads

It is mandatory to watch the performance shifting of the ads and determine whether or not they are effective based on the click through rate. The main reason for monitoring their CTR and applying improvements or even taking them down is that Facebook will determine your “per click” price based on it. Therefore, a poorly performing ad will have a negative impact on the campaign’s ROI.

8. The ads should redirect users to your fanpage

Redirecting the users to your fanpage is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. To put it simply, while the main role of these ads consists of landing you more fans and “likes”, an impressive call to action might also determine them to opt in for your newsfeed.

9. A story is always more convincing than cold hard facts

Stories represent the best method to get your message across to the audience without making promises that you can/cannot keep. For instance, instead of offering guarantees that your slimming product will allow everyone to lose 20 pounds in one month, you can use the testimonial of a client who actually achieved this impressive result.

About the Author: James Hollands is an expert PPC Consultant. He’s currently offering his PPC Management Services at a discounted rate for new customers.

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