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5 Top Tips To Boost Your Affiliate Income

If you’re trying to earn money online with affiliate marketing then you’ve no doubt discovered that it’s nowhere near as easy as the “gurus” try to convince you. You’ve got to build a website, drive traffic to it, convince your visitors to click your affiliate links and then ensure you’re promoting products that convert well.

That’s a lot of moving parts – and a lot of things you need to get right before significant money starts flowing in your direction. But it *is* possible – I’m living proof of that having earned a full-time income for the last 8 years based almost exclusively on affiliate marketing.

Today, then, I’d like to give you some of my most important tips for taking your affiliate income to the next level. In many ways they’re the most important lessons that I’ve learned myself, which have helped to transform me from earning $20 in my first six months online to an enviable income level that grows almost by itself each month.

Target Buyer Keywords

Not all keywords are created equal and it’s important to realize that some keywords are far more likely to attract buyers, as opposed to people just looking for information.

We’re talking about the difference between the phrase “dogs” and “books on training my dog to roll-over”.

While these high-converting keywords may not look tempting due to their low search volumes, the fact is that you don’t need many visitors to earn a very healthy income as long as you’re attracting the right kinds of people.

Many of the best keyword research tools will not only help you brainstorm a range of possible keyword phrases, but will also show the approximate values in Google if you were to *pay* for these keywords. In general, the higher this value is, the more profitable the keyword is.

Take this list of “high value” keywords you’ve generated and use these as the basis for future content. You’ll find that your conversion rate increases significantly when compared to targeting general-interest phrases.

Product Reviews

Before making a purchase, more and more people opt to do some research online to help validate their buying decision. Many of them are virtually ready to buy a specific product and just need someone else to give them the “nod” that it’s worth buying.

Because of this, product reviews typically have very good conversion rates and can be tremendously profitable. Whether you choose to just create the odd product review to add to your main site or even use one of the popular WordPress review themes to build a special product-review site is up to you – just make sure you don’t miss out on this highly profitable technique.

Split Test Your Affiliate Links

As an affiliate there are a huge number of ways that you can actually advertise the products you’re promoting. Whether you use animated banners or static ones, contextual links or ads in your sidebar, different arrangements of links will lead to different response rates.

As a result it’s a smart idea to use one of the many split testing plugins to test out different types of affiliate adverts as you’ll likely find that certain combinations lead to far more affiliate clicks than others.

Turn One-Time Visitors Into Repeat Customers

Generating first-time visitors can be expensive and long-winded. Additionally, the rules of the search engines or social media sites can change at any time, leading to new visitor numbers drying up.

The smart affiliate therefore tries to turn one-off visitors into repeat “customers”. Whether you build an email list, or instead attract visitors to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.) the goal is to encourage them to connect with you so that you can send them new content (and affiliate promotions!) on a regular basis.

In this way you’ll find your business continues to grow in the future as your “reach” gets larger with every new subscriber or follower.

Promote Residual Income Programs

One final tip worthy of mention is to do for your affiliate commissions what we just did with your visitors; namely aim to earn money multiple times from the same person.

There are a range of residual income affiliate programs that will pay you commissions for months into the future. Examples can include web hosting, autoresponders and membership sites. I have a number of customers that I’m still¬†earning money from each month, several years¬†after they first signed up through my affiliate link.

Search on Google for residual income programs in your own niche and try adding them into the mix for a continually growing income stream.

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