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5 Top Reasons Why a Good Blog Is A Great Web-Asset to Any Business

blog web assetIt should be a top priority for every business to cultivate and maintain its customer relationships, no matter what industry or market they are in. With the global outreach capability the internet brings, this task has never been simpler. By taking advantage of online marketing opportunities any business can receive a higher return on their investment in terms of increased revenue, new sales and lower cost of customer acquisition.

One relatively new method of reaching out to your customers and build your business reputation is by way of a blog. Blogging, and the benefits of blogging, are almost unknown to traditional offline businesses. They simply don’t know why they should start blogging.

In this article, you will see the top five reasons why your business should create and maintain a blog:

1. Build on Existing Client Relationships

Fostering existing client relationships is essential for any business to ensure a persistent revenue stream. An additional consideration is that existing clients are the perfect candidates for exposure to new products, services, and sales campaigns. Your business blog can host a chat area where feedback can be left about your business. Here you can discover what your customers want from you, which is beneficial for planning future business developments. Reward loyal and contributing clients with prizes and/or discounts. Winning over clients and keeping them happy encourages them to share with others how pleased they are with your company.

2. Attract New Customers

A blog can be a platform where you can initiate successful viral marketing campaigns at low cost. A business blog is an extremely productive tool for reaching out to new customers. You can attract traffic to your blog by offering existing customers rewards and incentives for drawing in new visitors. Offer a discount coupon or a free product to new customers who sign up for your newsletter. Your customers are a key way to spread fast your business message, and a good quality business blog combined with your client base can do a lion’s share of the work for you.

3. Steer Traffic to Your Business from other Blogs

You want to attract more customers to grow your client base. Your blog can serve as your corporate representative on other websites, in chat forums, and in other blogs. By establishing yourself in other blogs and websites, you can steer new clients to your own blog. Expanding your online blogging presence increases your marketing exposure, draws in more potential customers, and in the end increases revenue.

4. Expand Within Your Niche Market

You can utilize your blog to expand within the niche of your particular business. For instance, if you are in the catering business, you can use your blog as a tool for promoting eBooks and digital products such as cookbooks, tips on preparing and serving food when entertaining, or a short publication on how to successfully host a party.

5. Get Feedback from Customers

Your blog is a useful tool for introducing new products and services, then following up to see how well they are received. While some feedback may not always be what you want to hear, it can help you make adjustments early so you can make a good product better, and in the end more successful, and that is another reason why your blog is a great asset in your business. Offer customers the opportunity to sample new products and contribute to your blog about their findings. This is an excellent testing ground for your new products. It is essential to not only receive feedback, but to listen to it as well. Use your customer feedback to enhance your products and make them more appealing to consumers. Pay attention to client purchasing habits, things they like and things they don’t. Customers either buy or don’t buy products; therefore, tailoring your products to appeal to them is profitable to your bottom line.

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