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5 Tips to Help You Succeed in Webpreneurship

successful webpreneurJust like in any entrepreneurship endeavors, webpreneurs should do certain things to be able to succeed in webpreneurship. Here are things you should do to get you far in your webpreneurial journey.

1. The ability to fail fast

I’ve written about failing fast – you might want to read it before continuing. The idea in failing fast is that the faster you fail, the better.

You need to have all it takes to fail fast – you need courage, perseverance, resilience and determination to be able to fail, pick up the pieces, do better – repeat and rinse.

The faster you find out something is not working well, the faster you will discover what works.

2. Outsourcing and Automation

I’ve also written about outsourcing vs. automation. Despite I consider automation as a more favorable option, outsourcing also plays an important role in helping you to succeed.

The idea in outsourcing and automation is actually lie in “less me, more us” way of thinking. Like in other entrepreneurship endeavors, a one-man business won’t get you far in webpreneurship. There are a lot of things to cover in your webpreneurial journey – spotting great online business ideas, building sites, SEO/link building, content creation, etc.

Heed me on this: Wearing too many hats will cause you a burnout. And if you never been in a burnout, I suggest you to take this advice well: Seek others’ help or die. I know because I have experienced burnout before (read my article about entrepreneurial burnout.)

3. Seek mentors

Similar to no. 2 above, you can’t do webpreneurship alone. You need to find mentors or at least, role models to look to when you hit roadblocks.

Don’t confuse mentors with experts online. Online mentors will help you without wanting any paybacks. Online experts, despite many genuinely want to help you, focus on selling you something, someday, somehow.

To look for mentors, you can try your list of clients. When asked for advices, they will likely to help you out. If you don’t have any client to trust, try joining forums.

Webmaster forums, such as DigitalPoint forums and business forums, such as OPEN Forum have members that are offering their advices (even direct help!) for free – with the genuine intention to help fellow businessmen. Not all would be helpful, though – you need to seek recommendations or seek those who are active in the forums.

4. Develop a ‘webpreneur’s club’

The ‘insider club’ or ‘inner circle’ can be formal or informal, but the main idea is all that important. Consider creating a ‘gathering space’ – either physical or online – in which invited members can help each other out. In a webpreneur’s club, instead of competing with each other, you share info regarding what you know or your experience in webpreneurship. You can even collaborate to build a web business together – who knows?

I am a member of 2 of such informal groups, one semi-formal and one informal. From the groups I ‘joined,’ I can get help on how to better market my, say, web directories. In exchange, I can lend my expertise in how to manage 50+ websites ‘single-handedly’ via outsourcing and automation I mentioned in no. 2 above.

5. Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese word in International business that means ‘continuous learning.’ To succeed in webpreneurship, it’s not enough to know a thing or two. In webpreneurship, you need to know many things – even if only the basics – to succeed; this can be achieved by continuously learn about what you need to know.

You need to know how to find top domain names, transfer domain names, and such. You need also learn to self-host your sites. Why?,, or is cool, but your sites hosted on them are not actually yours.

You also need to know how to do SEO/link building, as it gives your site a life. Without it, you’ll encounter difficulty in growing your web properties.

In webpreneurship, maybe it’s better for you and me to know a little about many things, rather than the other way around.

Ivan Widjaya
How to be a successful webpreneur
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Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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