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5 Tips on How to Make $1000 a Month Easy from Your Blog with Less Work

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People say that you have to be an expert to be able to attract people to your blog. I’ll say: You don’t have to be an expert – all you need to do is to borrow other people’s expertise and time.

Webpreneurs who have limited budget should creatively look for ways to attract great people into their web businesses, in a win-win situation that doesn’t involve money in the equation.

I have explored some ways to make at least $1,000 a month requiring less investment and work. And yes, you don’t need to write posts yourself. However, to get there, you’ve got to work on things smarter.

Here are some tips to help you in your endeavor:

1. Build a quality blog

No PLR articles, no automated posting, no rewritten articles – build your blog with quality, compelling blog posts.

No free blog design, either – use premium themes, design it yourself or hire a designer. There are $100 designers who can create a theme as good as the $500 one.

For content and design, just search for them on webmasters forums, such as

2. Accept guest posts – plenty of ’em!

Guest authors are not only writers. There are entrepreneurs and professionals who write guest posts that can help them getting exposure to their sites via placing links in within the article or in the by-line.

Join a guest author network, such as, and use go getter approach – pitch guest authors, offer them something like social media promotion of their posts hosted on your blog, etc.

Please note, before you start getting guest posts offer, you need to build your blog well first – well ranked blog with good traffic will attract guest authors – with quality, of course. Why? They want exposure to the link inside the articles. As you want fresh quality content from guest authors, this is a powerful win-win arrangement.

3. Let advertisers know that you are open for business

Don’t hide your ads! You want to make money from your blog, right? I can tell you one thing: Don’t be afraid losing readers because you place ads on prominent places (e.g. “above the fold.”) If you create great content, your readers will “pardon” you for making money from your ad spots.

Moreover, your readers can be most possibly potential advertisers. When they see you have ads on your blogs (plus an “advertise” page on your blog’s main navigational bar) they know that you are open for advertising opportunities.

4. Always look for long term arrangement for your ads

1 month ad placement is certainly not recurring; you should aim for your advertisers to place their ads and pay you in monthly recurring payment – yearly is better!

You should offer deals they can’t resist. E.g. discounts if they want the ad payment to be made by monthly subscription, discounts if they advertise for a year (I usually charge 9-month ad payment for 12-month advertising – an attractive 25% discount if they pay for a year in advance.)

5. Add value to your ad sales

Offering extra ad placement, a review post, extra months to the ad duration, promote your advertiser to your social network, etc. as add-on to sweeten the deal is recommended. Again, be a go-getter – don’t wait; be proactive.

Please bear in mind, those are not make-money-being-lazy tips; you need to work hard in the early days of your blog – you need to SEO, build links, promote to social media, etc. But when you are persistent and resilient enough, you can reap what you saw later on.

Good luck in building a blog that makes semi-passive income!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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