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5 Safety Tips To Help You Sleep Easier When You Run Your Business From A Laptop

When you first find out it’s possible to run a business from your laptop it’s a special feeling. You realize you have the power to do anything. You could spend one week working on a tropical island and the next week in a busy city. You have the ability to move more freely than you ever have in your life. All that freedom comes with lots of benefits, but there’s unfortunately a downside too. When you have an offline business it’s usually situated in one building. You can employ security guards, have cameras on every wall, or have a big safe where you keep your valuables. It’s going to be secure and you can sleep easy at night.

An online business is a little different because everything you own is usually saved on your laptop. The actual laptop isn’t really important and it shouldn’t be. If something bad was to happen you could ideally be able to go out and buy a new one which would mean you could get back to work straight away. The real problem comes with security. Running your business from a laptop can also let you sleep easy at night, but you need to have certain things in place so nothing can go wrong. Let’s have a look at them now and I’d encourage you to make sure you are safe.

Ban people from using your laptop

People shouldn’t be using your work laptop to play around on. When something starts making you money it’s no longer a toy to be played with. It’s now a machine that has to be protected at all costs. Set a password and don’t let anyone one. Install keylogger software so you know if someone does manage to sneak on. It sounds cruel, but it’s either that or you might lose everything because someone accidentally downloads a virus when you’re not looking.

Install website blocking software

When you’re working on something it might be you who decides they will have a little look around cyberspace. You might end up on some websites that you know shouldn’t be allowed on your work computer. Websites where it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens. Once you install the software you can block yourself from going onto them. It’s not full-proof, but it will make you think before typing in a password.

Use a tablet

When you are walking around everywhere it’s easy to write things down on paper because you don’t want to pull your laptop out of your bag. Writing important things down on paper is not the right way to go about it if you don’t want anything getting lost. If you use a tablet it means you can write things down while on the move and everything can get saved into an online storage account.

Online storage account

You’re maybe wondering how you can save thing online? Cloud storage isn’t new, but it’s getting more popular each year and people are starting to accept that everything must eventually find its way into the cloud if you want to be very safe. The reason for this is because it’s cheap and easy. You can have multiple online storage accounts and save everything to more than one place.

Install some good antivirus software

Once you get a virus on your computer it could throw up all sorts of problems, plus it’s the most annoying thing in the world. I don’t know if you’ve even had one before, but when new windows are automatically popping up and soon as you close them you want to break something. It’s horrible to think you might lose all your data as well, so install good antivirus software.

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